Gray, Gray, Go Away

Florida’s “wet season” has arrived in full swing after quite the dry spring.  For the last few days, the view has pretty much looked like this:


The southwestern view from my front door; apologies for the subpar photo quality...tablet camera.

And this…


The view from my front door, looking north.

Even my dog is bored.


Roxy demonstrating canine ennui at its finest.

From what I gather, it is gonna be like this pretty much through the next week.  Oh boy.

Hopefully I will have some updates on my knitting soon.  I’m planning on doing another photo update once I finish a checkerboard section on the blanket that I’m currently working on.  In the meantime, I’ll tease you with a shot of the blanket in progress in its current home, a Toys R Us bag (selected because it was big enough to hold the blanket).


7 thoughts on “Gray, Gray, Go Away

  1. Just had a few days of rain ourselves. Every time my hubby would finally be able to mow the lawn, it’d start up again! Thankfully today was dry as a bone and according to the weather report, we’re not due for rain again till Monday. Though I do kinda miss the sudden non-stop FL downpours. Always justified the mid-day use of my warm blankies.

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    • We had a brief bit of blue skies at about 8 o’clock this morning, but by the time my dad got home from work just an hour later, it was already gray again. Those two metal towers in the pictures of the sky I shared were halfway covered in low-level clouds as of 9 this morning. (I cannot remember what those towers are for, BTW…they’re either TV towers or they’ve been converted into cell phone/mobile phone towers.)

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  2. We’ve had a few days of rain, but also a few lovely days of partly cloudy sunshine. Too bad the rainy season is seriously upon you–and the pup. At least you’re getting some quality time with La vie en rose et violet!

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    • Seven squares left in the section I’m working on, then hopefully I’ll be able to give it another “photo shoot” (we’ll see if I can get some good angles with the tablet camera.

      We got some clearer skies around sunset, but there’s this low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico that just won’t quit (that’s why we’ve had so much in the way of rain and gray skies the last few days).


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