Happy Halloween!

Today is my favorite day of the year, besides my birthday.  I’ve always loved dressing up in costumes and eating candy 🍭🍬🍭🍬…and just the entire atmosphere that comes with Halloween has always made it a fun day for me.  I think back on various Halloweens throughout the years, and I remember the times that my brother and I would go trick-or-treating (the year where I was a princess and he got to be Superman comes to mind), the times where I’ve handed out candy, and I even think back to the year that I went trick-or-treating with my best friend, me as a beatnik and her as Ash from the Evil Dead series (played by the legendary Bruce Campbell).

This year, I’ll get to see my niece in a Halloween costume for the first time (she was almost 5 months old at this time last year, and she and her parents did not stop by for us last year…but my SIL has promised us that she will be making a visit today).  I have no clue what costume she will be wearing, but I know it shall be adorable, whatever it is.  We have our candy for her (plenty of chocolate so she can get extra messy while eating it…my dad said that was his “…duty as a grandpa…”), and I am fully prepared to take pics of her in her costume for my own collection.

Knitting and crochet-wise, the Wonder Woman Wrap is going well, and I finished the second-to-last section this morning.  All I have left is the Upper Border, the bind-off, and the weaving in of ends (of which there are a lot).  I hope next time I will be able to share some pictures of a finished wrap.

I also have a crocheted shawl in progress.  I got a cake of Lion Brand Mandala (which is a light worsted, gradient self-striping acrylic yarn), and the colorway is called…Unicorn 🦄!  I got a size H ergonomic hook for it, which doesn’t dig into my hand as much as a standard one, and so far I like how it’s turning out.  The pattern I’m using is called “Virus” by Julia Marquardt, and is a free pattern.  It is the first time I’ve crocheted directly from a charted pattern, and once I was able to examine the chart piece by piece, I started to get the hang of the pattern.  After the setup rows, it’s a four row repeat, with one more section added to each side of the shawl in each repeat.  I figure I should have the rows memorized within the next couple of repeats.  Here are some pictures of this one, that I’m calling the “Unicorn Shawl” in my Ravelry projects.

A cake of Lion Brand Mandala…I’m already into the next color!

Yarn and shawl together.

It’s only just gotten into the next color in the cake, a brief run of purple before it goes into pink.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, if you choose to observe it, and please have as safe of a Halloween possible!  I hope to have pictures of a finished Wonder Woman Wrap next time I write.

Until later, everybody!

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    • Thank you! I’d seen a bunch of forum posts about Mandala on Ravelry and had been wanting to try it for a while now. Bernat, Caron, and Red Heart have also released their own lines of self-striping: Bernat Pop!, Caron Cakes, and Red Heart has two lines, Super Saver Stripes and Super Saver Ombré, the latter of which is gradient striping…Bernat and Caron’s yarns are both non-gradient. This is my first project using Lion Brand yarn (a little bit pricier compared to Red Heart or Caron, but still wallet-friendly if crafting on a tight budget).

      This is the first real crochet project I’ve done in years, mostly because I usually prefer to knit, but working on several large knitting projects this year, I needed a little break. I’m liking the challenge so far, as this is the first time I’m working from a solely charted pattern. There is a written version available, but it is in German, and I don’t know how to read patterns in German…the link to the “English” pattern just gave me the chart, so I had to really study it to figure out the gist of the pattern. Not much different from reading a knitting chart, once you get the hang of it, although crochet charts will actually show you the general shape of the piece, whereas knitting charts are usually grids with symbols.

      If you’re thinking of trying to learn crochet, I’d suggest starting simple, just a straight foundation chain and double crochet (and I’m using UK terms here for you, as the terms differ between US and UK crochet patterns). Some worsted weight or a light bulky yarn and the appropriate size hook for your yarn (around 4.5-5.5 mm for worsted or at least 6 mm for light bulky), and if you want to do a simple scarf in double crochet, don’t be afraid to do stripes for a little variety. Or you could even start with sampler squares where you can practice different stitches. This YouTube video may help if you’re more of a visual learner: https://youtu.be/aAxGTnVNJiE

      Since US and UK patterns use different terms (a pattern will usually indicate if UK terms are being used), here are some charts that will help you convert them back and forth (along with a glossary of abbreviations): http://www.simplycrochetmag.co.uk/2013/07/04/uk-and-us-crochet-conversion-chart/

      It’s quite a bit to take in, I know, but if I can help anybody become ambicraftuous (or bi-craftual, if that term tickles your fancy), then I will have done my job. Good luck in your hooking efforts! 😜

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