I’ll Take My Snowless Knitter Decaf

It’s unusual that I reference coffee in the title, but I feel for what’s been going on for the last few days or so, it’s appropriate. See, I am currently in what is probably my longest stretch of going without coffee ☕️ ever since I started drinking it on a regular basis (which was basically my original stint in college, so about 18-19 years old; prior to that, I would enjoy the occasional gas station-style cappuccino from my high school’s cafeteria, or a styrofoam cup of highly sweetened black coffee at the bingo hall while helping my mom and grandmother set up their playing papers prior to their going to bingo night, probably as far back as 14 or 15 years of age).

So, last week we ran out of creamer (and I’ve gotten so used to creamer by this point that I can no longer drink my coffee with just sugar in it, I now need to have creamer or milk in it) and I wasn’t going to be able to get groceries until Tuesday (which was yesterday morning, so I’ve already done the shopping now) because my dad decided to finally get a physical done on Monday morning. (Other than high blood pressure and his weight, he’s actually doing okay for someone who’s a nearly pack-a-day smoker. He saw the same doctor who’s treated my mom for many years, and my grandmother for years before that.) So I get the groceries done yesterday morning, and well, I was already fueled by both a cherry Coke and a regular Coke (vending machines, right?), so I planned on waiting until yesterday evening to have my first cup of coffee since maybe Friday or Saturday. I put a K-Cup into our Keurig brewer (which we’ve had since maybe late 2012 or 2013, when our Mr. Coffee’s hot plate stopped working) and went to go wake up my dad. After he starts to get out of bed, I go back to the kitchen to get his coffee. It is not brewing like it’s supposed to. It just goes *drip…drip…drip*. One. Drop. At. A. Time. This is not a good sign. We try cleaning out the needle housing. No luck. We try changing cup sizes. No luck. So I give my dad a glass of sweet tea for his trouble and I decided to attempt to descale the brewer in the morning.

This morning, I get up and within half an hour began my attempt to descale the brewer. Not only is the liquid still dripping out one. drop. at. a. time., I also begin to hear clicking noises when it attempts to pump water out of the reservoir. Dad gets home a little after 9:00 am, and joins me in the kitchen. After a couple more attempts at getting the water/vinegar solution to pump out of the reservoir, it just stops attempting to pump altogether. My dad says nonchalantly, “I think the water pump’s dead…time to get a new coffee maker.” Knowing he’s been interested in getting a Ninja for the last few years, I said to him, “You’ve been waiting a long time to say that, haven’t you?” He smiles back at me. He goes to his laptop, and while I only get a glimpse of a checkout screen, it seems he has placed an order for a new brewer. He also watches a video about using a Ninja coffee brewer. He has seemingly ordered the Ninja. (I will not be able to confirm or deny this until we actually obtain a new brewer, so maybe this will be a two-parter.)

I feel a little sad that our Keurig has finally croaked. I loved that Keurig. It was a fantastic brewer, willing to pump out a nice cup of coffee for me whenever I needed one. I think I’ve permanently been turned off from carafes because of that Keurig. I was always dumping out leftover coffee from the carafes we had; when we went single-serve, it felt nice not having to wait 15 minutes for the cup of coffee I’d been craving.

There is a downside to switching to the Ninja, if we are indeed switching to it: we are gonna have a boatload of coffee pods that we can no longer use (as the Ninja operates on standard coffee grounds, which is cheaper than using the K-Cups)…and I hate to throw away good coffee! (My brother and sister-in-law have a single-serve brewer that can take both grounds and coffee pods; I wonder if they’d be willing to take our coffee pods once we get our new brewer?) Oh my…

Well, it looks like I will be going at least one more day without coffee. Wish me well.