I’ll Take My Snowless Knitter Re-Caf

This is a follow-up to my previous post, “I’ll Take My Snowless Knitter Decaf”.

So, it turns out we didn’t order a replacement brewer to be delivered. Luckily, though, my dad was able to find a local store that carried the brewer that he was interested in…but not before asking my opinion. This is a big deal for me, because I was in a state of mind for a long time that my opinion didn’t necessarily matter, for a litany of reasons that I don’t feel like discussing. The fact that he asked for my opinion on a brewer feels like a big step. I didn’t commit to either option (either a new Keurig or a Ninja), but I did point out that regular coffee grounds were cheaper than K-Cups, and was thus open to going for the Ninja (especially since I knew he’d been wanting to switch to the Ninja for a couple of years now).

He finally bought the Ninja this morning. Specifically, a Ninja Coffee Bar, which has all sorts of brewing options from classic all the way to super strong (like you’d use in a coffeehouse style drink). I have no idea which store he got it from, but he was able to find it. I consider us especially lucky that we were in a position to be able to get it, considering the price (it’s not cheap, but it’s supposed to brew quality coffee). Heck, I would have been okay with a Mr. Coffee, as long as I’d be able to enjoy my favorite morning brew once again! But my dad is a man of technology and gadgetry; he’s always been interested in the latest of just about everything, from TVs to computers to coffee makers. He likes to wait a little while before he’ll spring for something, but he usually ends up getting his hands on it eventually. It makes me think of when we got our first PC, a Packard Bell that ran (I kid you not) Microsoft Windows for Workgroups…Old School Windows. I remember when the icon to close an application was that little dash mark in the upper left-hand corner! I remember when we upgraded to Windows 95…remember the ad campaign with The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” playing? The “Start” button was a big deal, as was the X button closing an application! Our first HDTV ran on a cathode ray tube system! Remember when HD was top of the line? Now there’s Universal HD and 4K. I remember when my dad’s first cell phone was a flip phone, and his first smartphone was secondhand from my brother (when that iPhone became obsolete, he finally got his current iPhone, which I think is either an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 6). It’s amazing how technology has evolved just in my lifetime alone! Even with coffee makers!

Our Ninja also comes with a frothing device, and my dad has already encouraged me to experiment with it and try to become my own at-home barista (he’s even willing to be my guinea pig 😂). It came with a recipe book, and I am itching to make my first caramel macchiato!

Okay…I haven’t talked much about crafting lately, so I figured I’d fill you in. I haven’t knit much in the last month, partly because I was distracted by a crochet project, but I was also dealing with a nagging back issue that is only just within the last few days finally starting to resolve itself.

The crochet project: I was reading through some other blogs last month when one of them (I think Mad Man Knitting) was talking about a corner-to-corner project. I decided to try it out for myself, and using some leftover stash yarn, I started working on a corner-to-corner piece of my own. I’m not quite ready to show you pictures just yet (maybe in a future post), but it has a nice look so far, a mix of solid and variegated, each separated by a soft white stripe. I’m hoping it will be a sofa-sized throw when it’s done.

My back: About three weeks ago, I had to unclog a toilet in the middle of the night, and in the process, I must have either pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve. The following morning, my back was stiff as a board, my range of motion was gone on my left and limited on my right, and I had to walk at a snail’s pace. Bending over was next to impossible without feeling excruciating pain and when I did bend over (even just to get ice out of the freezer, which is a pull-out freezer), I’d have to do so while supporting myself on something nearby. Laying on my side or sitting with support behind me would ease the pain a little bit. I was able to walk at a regular pace after a couple of days, but the stiffness and the difficulty bending over remained. Sleeping in my parents’ bed (which I do when my dad works in order to help my mom out when she inevitably awakens in the middle of the night) did me no favors either. It took well over a week, almost two to finally get all of my range of motion back, but I am still dealing with a little knot of pain in my left lower back (though now the pain is just annoying instead of excruciating), and I still cannot stay bent over for long periods of time, but it has slowly been improving. My back is at its stiffest when I first get out of bed or when standing after sitting for an extended period of time, but it relaxes after I stand for a few minutes. Whatever I did to it, it’s been slow to heal, but it has been healing.

So, as I write, I have been drinking my first cup of coffee ☕️ in over a week. We brewed a pot on the “Rich” setting, which makes the coffee just like my dad likes it: strong and stout. The carafe that came with the Ninja has a tube going down into it that essentially fills and mixes the coffee from the bottom as it fills, making for a smoother and more flavor-consistent cup of coffee. Mine is Folgers medium roast, with sugar and vanilla creamer added, and it still tastes like a strong cup of coffee.

I hope you all are having a good day, and if you drink it, enjoy your coffee!

And since I mentioned it, here’s “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones!

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