So, for the last month or so I’ve been hiding a bit of news because I didn’t want to reveal it too early and then have it go south. But, as of this week it is now a sure thing so I can talk about it now.

You readers may remember that my brother got married last October and that he and his wife have a daughter together, who will be turning 2 next month. For the last couple of years, they have lived together in a unit of a duplex just off the main highway that runs through our hometown. They’ve been married about 6 months now, and they’ve been house hunting.

Well, this week they’ve finally closed on a house and are now officially homeowners. It has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, an enclosed front porch and an enclosed back porch as well as a detached garage in the backyard that will almost certainly end up becoming my brother’s workshop/”man cave”. The house itself, though, does need some interior work done to fit their style: as I summed it up to my sister-in-law yesterday while she and my dad were working on the living room (he was painting the ceiling to cover up the tobacco stains from the previous owners, while she was patching nail holes in the wall with spackle and applying the first coat of primer to the walls), she is “rustic” while he (my brother) is “redneck”. They plan on pulling out all of the carpeting and the tile in the living room and their daughter’s room and replacing all of it with hardwood flooring (leaving the kitchen and main bathroom tiled). The walls will likely be painted a tan color with dark brown as an accent color and adding wood trim along the baseboards and the area that delineates the kitchen from the living room. There is a chandelier in the dining area that will be replaced with something more modern. Their new house is in a bit of disarray right now, but I honestly can’t wait to see what it looks like when they’ve finally finished the interior work on it…and my sister-in-law can’t wait to start decorating it.

They officially moved out of their old unit yesterday, but it will certainly be a busy time before they finally move in. Life certainly has been moving at a busy pace in my family lately.

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  1. Mr Knitter

    Yay to your brother and sister-in-law. Good to see things are working out so well for them.

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    1. Crystal P (snowlessknitter)

      We went to visit them just a few days ago, and the interior looks completely different from what it was when they first moved in. It looks about how I pictured they’d make it. My niece’s room is decked out in Minnie Mouse (her favorite Disney character), pink, and polka dots. She’s even upgraded from a crib to her own bed (she turned 2 last month). They have a spare room, possibly for an addition to the family, but that is something I can neither confirm or deny at this time…😉.

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