WIPs: Well, You Can’t Win *Every* Game of Yarn Chicken

Rock Me On the Bias has been coming along well since I resumed work on it. It’s taken me a while to knit in this skein of purple, but it’s in, and I think I’ve about reached the halfway point.

Unfortunately, I thought I could add one more pair of rows before switching to the white stripe marking the halfway point.

Turns out I was wrong.

As you can see, that is clearly not enough yarn to complete two rows of the increase pattern in that color.

No big deal, though. I’m just tinking (picking out and unraveling the stitches one by one; tink is “knit” spelled backwards) back across this row to the beginning, and then I will join the white to work the next six-row stripe.

I hope to share even more progress on this soon! In the meantime I’ll continue tinking interspersed with sips of some hot vanilla chai tea (even though I’m normally not a tea person).