The Bambina Has Arrived!

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, but my new baby niece was born at 6:11 pm Eastern time this evening (Friday, March 1st), and she weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces at her birth. She only stayed in a couple of days past her due date (which was February 27th), but the doctors decided to induce labor on my sister-in-law earlier this afternoon. All told, this was a much shorter labor than my sister-in-law had with her first baby, R (which was an overnight labor resulting in a 10:00 am birth), but as far as I know (at least from my brother’s text updates he’s been sending to my dad) mother and baby are doing well.

She does have a name, but I’ve decided not to share it publicly in order to protect her family’s privacy. However, it does start with an R (just like her big sister), so I’ve opted to continue referring to my younger niece as “The Bambina” (which comes from the Italian word for child, bambino, but since this is a girl I’m referring to, she gets the feminine form of it…after all, she is 1/8 Sicilian, since my brother and I have 1/4 Sicilian ancestry through our maternal grandmother), while my older niece will simply be “R”. Bambina does have a different middle initial from her big sister, R.M. (while her big sister is R.A.).

Finally, I’m not the only living person in my family with a March birthday anymore! (Well, my late maternal uncle had a March birthday, but he died back in 2014. His was six days after mine.) My birthday and The Bambina’s are 23 days apart (so, just a little over three weeks). And both of us were born after induced labors, too! (My birth was an induced labor because I ended up staying in two weeks past my due date, which was supposed to be March 10th. They ended up inducing labor on my mother at around 7:00 am on March 24th, and I was born about seven and a half hours later. The only complication I had related to my birth was mild jaundice, which I think they ended up treating with light therapy, and it went away relatively quickly.)

I’m so glad my Bambina is finally here!

EDIT: I wanted to feature a song here for this special occasion. I heard this song playing during the season 4 finale of Fuller House when Kimmy Gibbler was giving birth to the baby she was carrying for Stephanie Tanner and Jimmy Gibbler (Kimmy’s brother) as a surrogate (since Stephanie wasn’t able to have children naturally on her own), and it’s kinda stuck with me. So, in honor of The Bambina’s arrival, here is “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell.