Yellow…Lots and Lots of Yellow.

So, I finished a thing. It’s mostly yellow. It’s “Don’t Huffle the Puff”.

And I’ve started another thing. It’s going to be a cabled bag. I started it with a provisional cast-on using some old dishcloth cotton in the stash and a crochet hook.

Once I cast on my stitches (I cast on 81 with my provisional cast-on, then decreased by one stitch to 80 a few rows into my base), I started knitting the base of my bag in the main yarn.

Once I got the base to the size I wanted it, I started to pick up and knit the stitches around it, placing markers to mark each corner of the bag.

I should mention that for the base I used two separate needles because I purl looser than I knit, so I used a size 8 needle to work the knit rows and a size 7 needle to work the purl rows.

These were part of a set of Woolworth bamboo needles given to me by The Lady Bryan and her mother before they moved to Georgia. The needles only had diameter measurements in millimeters on them, so I used a needle gauge to approximate their U.S. sizes and then I wrote the U.S. needle size equivalent on the top of the needle ends.
My corner stitch markers (the white one marks the beginning/end of the round) and the band of my digital row counter.

I’m only a couple of repeats into this one, but I’m hoping this bag will stick as a project. Here’s a sneak peek.

The actual color is closer to the pictures above this one, the lighting kind of lightened the vibrancy of the yellow here. I’m normally not a huge fan of yellow, but I felt the color would pair nicely with the honeycomb cable you’re starting to see here.

Will this project stick with me? Watch this space.