How Did We Manage to Avoid All This?

So, unless you’ve been living disconnected from the world around you, you’ll have either heard of or lived through some recently freaky weather that’s been going on in the South. A polar vortex forced some cold air and the resulting jet stream much further south than usual, resulting in a lot of parts of the Southeast getting snow or ice. Texas was hit especially hard…but that’s a whole other story that I’m sure that every news outlet has covered within an inch of its life.

Much like the Mongols, though…Florida was the exception. We were barely touched by any of this ridiculously cold weather…maybe with the exception of parts of North Florida. We had some rain come through and a couple of cool blasts, but other than that…it feels like March. We’re not even at the end of February!

This is meant to be a short post, a sign of life from me. I’ve been knitting and planning and knitting some more…and I promise you that I have some finished projects to show you very soon! But anyway, I’m doing fine, my dad is doing fine, my dog is doing fine, and things have been relatively uneventful. I hope to be posting again soon. Until next time, stay warm and stay safe!