My name is Crystal, a thirty something homemaker, former caregiver, nerd, knitter, and, most importantly, a proud auntie to two adorable nieces and a nephew.  I live in Central Florida, which is incredibly snowless.  I am also a sports fan, mostly into baseball (Red Sox, Braves, and Cubs), but I also watch football (Miami Dolphins), basketball (Orlando Magic), hockey (Boston Bruins), soccer (Orlando City SC), and the occasional NASCAR race. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and being all-around geeky.

I’ve been crocheting on and off since I was 8, and knitting pretty regularly since I was 18. My favorite items to knit are blankets, bags, and socks, while my favorite items to crochet are shawls and wraps. I’ve knit exactly five sweaters in my lifetime.

I’m still trying to find my way after all these years. This blog is my attempt to write and reflect on life (and knitting) from my corner of this little planet called Earth.

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