Randomly on a Sunday

Pardon the radio silence on my end, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on lately. But here is a little roundup of what has been going on with me in the last couple of weeks.

  • I promise you, all is well with me. I haven’t been sick or anything out of the ordinary. I haven’t really had much inspiration to write, and when that happens, it tends to show on the blog. I usually get inspiration from things that happen in my life or in thoughts or conversations when I’m not getting it from my knitting.
  • I haven’t been to that bookstore yet. I haven’t found a good time to ask. But I still really want to go.
  • I did buy a book, though, from my local Walmart: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. For those of you unfamiliar with either the book or the movie, it is about several African-American female mathematicians whose calculations were instrumental in helping the United States to perform in the Space Race of the 1950s and 1960s, despite being actively discriminated against in their home state of Virginia, where segregation was still legal at the time, and despite the sexist attitudes of the era where women were viewed as inferior to men. I’m only into the first chapter at the moment (which follows a prologue). I was hoping to find The Handmaid’s Tale there as well, but no luck.
  • I did start on that blanket I was talking about. I so far have the center square and one ray of four rectangles completed, as well as three rectangles of a second ray completed and the fourth one in progress. These two rays are perpendicular to each other, so I should be able to start filling in the first panel soon.
  • The Phrygian cap is on hold for just a little bit, but I may revisit it soon.
  • We had another cold blast come through (not lasting quite as long as the one that came through around New Year’s), but it still made for some very cold nights around here and we did have to turn our heater on for those nights. My feet are currently paying for it and my skin is feeling super dry from the lack of humidity.
  • I am now on Goodreads, with the same username as here (snowlessknitter). Any other book nerds out there?

I hope to be able to write more soon, but that’s what’s been going on with me lately.


Randomly on a Friday

Well, the gray finally went away…for now.  This time of year in Florida is famous for afternoon thunderstorms that pop up out of nowhere (especially when the seabreezes from both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts collide right over the peninsula), so it could very well be gray and stormy by late this afternoon.  You remember those gray skies from a couple of posts ago?  Well, this morning it is now…

Birds are singing, the street is relatively quiet (I don’t live in the country, I live in the suburbs, but I usually angle my outdoor pics this way to avoid giving away my exact location), and my dog is just as excited to chase the lizards, having finally shaken off her canine ennui.  (And every time I see the word ennui, I now think of Michel from Gilmore Girls talking about his own ennui.)

And as a bonus, here is another pic.  If you look real closely, just above the kudzu leaves, you’ll see the Moon, in its last quarter phase, getting ready to descend down the western sky for moonset.

Though somewhat faint due to photo quality, the Moon is visible just above center, right above the tips of the kudzu vines.

I will say that though we are sitting in the shade, it is still incredibly humid out here.

Finally, I have a little announcement to make.  Not anything life changing, but it is still worth noting: I have decided to set up my own Tumblr page, for all the random and silly stuff that doesn’t really merit posting here.  It has the same name as this blog (I guess I’m the only Snowless Knitter on the entire internet?), and you can check it out right here.  If you’re a Tumblr-er yourself and like what you see, don’t be afraid to give me a follow, and if I like what I see on yours, I may just give you a follow.  Warning, though: my language may be a bit more…unfiltered on Tumblr.  But so far, I’ve already made a few posts, followed a few blogs, and am just getting acquainted with it.  You may see stuff related to: knitting, Florida, cats, yarn, Gilmore Girls, I Love Lucy, wrestling, and the randomest of the random.

Have a great day, everyone!

Randomly on a Saturday

I normally only write one post a week, but today is so nice here in Central Florida that you all are getting what we here like to call a “two-fer”.  Two for one week.

The weather around here has been gorgeous the last couple of days.  A cool front came by after some rain and we’ve gotten a reprieve from the super-hot temperatures that have plagued us for the last month.  The sky is absolutely clear today and the air comfortable.

A lovely view of the scrub, trees, and sky from outside our garage this afternoon.

Our dog took some time to amuse herself by trying to chase the lizards.  To answer any questions, her name is Roxy, she is an American Bulldog/Jack Russell mix, and although she may look small in the pics, she is actually about 60-70 lbs in weight and about twice the size of a purebred Jack Russell.  She is hyper, friendly to those she knows, and loves to be rubbed.

La vie en rose et violet is coming along very nicely.  And yes, I do have a piece in progress on the needles.

My toe is still stinging a little bit, but pretty much around the nail where it is trying to heal.  I will spare you the pics of my weathered, less-than-womanly feet.

And I am currently on my second cup of coffee for today.

We do have Netflix in our house, and recently I’ve been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I’ve been alternating between episodes from the new incarnation and those from the collection from the original run, which has 20 episodes up for streaming.  My favorite so far from the Original Collection has been Manos: The Hands of Fate (although only Future War so far has bored me; probably because of Swiss actor Daniel Bernhardt, who I think was referred to in the riffing as “Jean-Claude Gosh Darn” because he does quite resemble Jean-Claude Van Damme).  My favorite episode from the new one so far is Starcrash, basically a knockoff of Star Wars.  As soon as I noticed it featured a young David Hasselhoff, I knew we were in for a camp-fest.  And it was a camp-fest indeed.

Finally, I saw my niece again briefly yesterday, when she and her mama (my brother’s girlfriend) stopped by to drop off an invitation to her first birthday party next month.  I have no clue what we’ll get her for a present.  She’s been growing like crazy and it’s not really the right time of year for baby knits anyway.  I’m thinking we’ll probably end up getting her some sort of toy for a present.

I hope you’re having a good Saturday, and I hope to write again soon!