People on Tinder Have Had Better Luck

So, the last couple of times I’ve gone to the store, I’ve ended up getting cakes of Lion Brand Mandala in “Spirit”, which is a gorgeous blue and gray colorway that really goes well with my eyes (which are…blue and maybe have a hint of gray).

What I didn’t realize is that I would start and frog this yarn (which was begging to be made into a shawl) somewhere around fifteen times. I thought I’d make the Solitude shawl (a crochet shawl pattern I found on Ravelry), but not only was the shawl not going to be the size of my liking, some of the stitch pattern also kept failing to line up. I got frustrated and by the time I got to the end of the cake, I decided I wanted to try and knit a shawl out of it, so I cast on with the other end…and quickly grew bored. So I set that yarn down. I still have not frogged either one of these yet.

WIPs that will eventually be turned into frogs.

So I started with the other cake. I basically started trying all sorts of knitting and crochet patterns to see which one would stick. This sort of “speed dating” went so badly that honestly…people looking for one-night stands on Tinder have had better luck. (Note: I have never used Tinder or any other kind of online dating service; I have this recurring concern that I’m gonna end up being catfished, because when it comes to love and relationships my luck is ridiculously bad.)

I was able to start a pattern a few days ago that has stuck so far…once the pattern is set up, it’s only a five row repeat that produces a surprisingly interesting texture and look combined with the self-striping. I did cut the yarn once so far, since it was kind of a jarring color switch from blue to the first gray in the colorway. Other than that, it’s looking pretty nice.

I’m about halfway through this cake; once I finish the first cake, I will probably unravel the other projects and join that yarn. Hopefully, if this sticks, this shawl will be a nice size when it’s done.

At least I have better luck with shawls than I’ve ever had with men. Shawls don’t ignore me or think I’m just “cute”.

Easing My Way In

Well, it’s been a little while since my last post…again. I promise you, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, and I have been busy.

Neapolitan is coming along fine, I’m already onto the next round of brown rectangles. I also started a crocheted shawl, a pattern called the Shell Wave Shawl by a Dutch designer named Wilma Westenberg who has quite the following on Instagram. Her patterns (including the one I’ve linked to) are free through her website, but ad-free PDF versions are also available for purchase through her Ravelry store if you’d like to support her. (I would if I was in the position to be able to, but since I can’t personally, I figured I’d spread the word to others who can if they’d like.) This particular project uses Lion Brand Mandala Baby (a very light worsted/DK self-striping acrylic, almost sport weight) and a US size J hook (but you could use a heavier yarn with a hook a couple of sizes larger than recommended to produce a nice drape). I don’t know what it is about crocheting shawls in particular, but it does just enough to satisfy my crocheting urge, even though I prefer to knit everything else. It’s coming along well (with maybe just a repeat or two left), and I hope to be able to share pictures of the finished shawl soon!

The biggest change lately is that I’ve finally joined the world of smartphones. (For those not in the know, I’ve been writing my blog through tablets, first with an ancient third-hand Toshiba with a ridiculously outdated Android operating system, and then when the battery on that one finally crapped out, my dad ended up getting me an iPad to replace it, which I still have and use. I love it and have had almost no problems with it, other than the occasional app crash. I draft and publish my posts using the WordPress app.) The phone itself is a hand-me-down, an iPhone 5 that used to be my dad’s (he decided to upgrade to the newest model available, an iPhone 11 Max Pro…and it is huuuuuuuuuugggggggggggeeeeeeeeee). Technically, my iPhone is obsolete when it comes to what kind of operating system it will run (it will not be able to upgrade past iOS 12, with the exception of security patches and stuff like that), but it is functional and will make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and run apps compatible with anything higher than iOS 10.

Speaking of apps, the reason why he decided to let me have the phone in the first place: a little app called Uber. My mom’s condition makes it very tricky for her to want to get into the Jeep, and sometimes she gets overstimulated from getting dressed or things like that, and it takes time for us to all get into the Jeep, time that we may not necessarily have. I also don’t get much of any opportunities to go out and just get away from the situation at home for a little while other than getting groceries. So, my dad decided to set me up with an Uber account (in my name but billed to my dad) so that I can get opportunities to leave the house without having to worry about my mom’s mood or state of mind getting in the way of me being able to go (as long as my dad is there with her). I’ve so far only used it to go grocery shopping, but I’m thinking of getting groceries again a little later this week (on one of my dad’s days off) and then the next day going to the local library to get a new card and check out their book sale (which this particular one holds every three months or so). My county’s library system allows patrons to check out books electronically (hence why I’m looking to get a new card), and I’m hoping to be able to try that out with some nonfiction books that I’ve been interested in reading. I can always take a break from whatever ebooks I own that I’m reading so I can read an ebook I’ve checked out from the library.

I was a little nervous about taking an Uber for the first time, as I hadn’t ridden in anything resembling a taxi since I was a child and my grandmother (who didn’t drive, surprise surprise) and I needed to get home from a grocery store. So, she called a cab and we rode home in that. She died 15 years ago, but she probably would have loved Uber if she were around to see it. The drivers there and back were both very nice, and the driver back was very accommodating about me getting my groceries into the trunk (there’s a field in the app where you can provide any extra information that you need to let the driver know about the trip if needed), which my dad and I were able to unload when I got home. The cars rode smoothly, and I was able to tip the drivers pretty easily. I’m easing my way in for now, but I’m happy that there are opportunities opening up for me. Maybe not necessarily shopping, but knowing I could go to a park or somewhere I could just walk around for a while to clear my mind and return home feeling a bit more refreshed gives me a good feeling. (I also have a friend who lives in the general area who also takes Ubers when he can afford it. He’s already invited me to join him for lunch when the opportunity arises. Before you jump to any conclusions, this guy is squarely in the Friend Zone.) I know I should be more independent at my age, but given the circumstances I’m glad things are opening up a bit.

With the phone also came the opportunity to finally join Twitter. I am now on Twitter as @snwlssknttr (that’s “snowlessknitter” disemvoweled) and I have a handful of tweets on there already. I’ll be updating the page on here where my other public social media handles are listed. Feel free to give me a follow on there if you like. I have already tweeted about the weather, football, Charlie Brown, and Keanu Reeves, and I have no clue what the Twitter world holds in store for me. I have a lot of interest in sharing my opinions, but no desire to start or join in flame wars. I like to think of myself as a preferably drama-free poster/commenter.

Finally, on the books front, I am still currently reading Children of Blood and Bone as my physical read (over 100 pages in, although some days I haven’t had the energy to read) and The Color Purple as my ebook read. Great thing about having a smartphone (especially an iPhone): since both of my devices are on the same ID, I can switch back and forth between devices when I’m reading in the Apple Books app. This is especially useful if I have to…um…use the 🚽. (Come on…just about everybody reads on the toilet! It’s not exclusive to men only!) The phone is not quite as big as a tablet and I can just set it off to the side when needed. The tablet needed extra steps. I also got a copy of The Testaments by Margaret Atwood (which is the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale) when I went to the grocery store, and I plan on reading both of those back to back once I finish Children of Blood and Bone. (The sequel to that one, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, is supposed to come out in December, if I remember correctly.) Children of Blood and Bone has been a fun read, though, when I’ve had the energy to do it.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. We’ll see if my venture into Uber takes me anywhere interesting.

Shawls to the Wall

My apologies for the recent radio silence. Nothing major has gone on around here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping busy! I’ve been crafting and reading up a storm, and I’m gonna share some of my recent efforts here.

So, I’ve been on a bit of a shawl making phase as of late. Of course, you saw LoveWave in all of its glory a couple of months ago, but I now have two more to showcase for you!

The weather wasn’t cooperating the last few days as summer is prime thunderstorm season here in Florida, but we actually managed a dry day today, and got some good shots of these shawls with the setting sun in a partly cloudy sky. The lighting was real nice, but it was hot as balls out there when taking these pictures, upper 80s Fahrenheit and humid. I was sweating up a storm after just five minutes out there. 😓

The first is an asymmetrical triangular shawl knit with the second of my two cakes of WoolEase Cakes in Aphrodite. You’ll remember that the first was used to knit my LoveWave shawl.

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Cakes in “Aphrodite” / Needles: US # 7 (4.25 mm) / Pattern: Be Simple Shawl by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank (this is a free pattern from Ravelry, and will work in just about any weight of yarn…just be sure to use the recommended size needles for your yarn if you want nice stitch definition, although garter stitch in slightly larger needles will probably produce a nice, cushy fabric as well).

This was a pretty fun, mindless knit, especially after the lace-filled adventure that was LoveWave. It was just a simple, short set of rows to work and shape the shawl (increases on every row to shape the asymmetrical edge and decreases on every other row to make the straight edge along the top), and then a picot bind-off to finish it off. I actually finished the knitting portion of this while watching WWE’s Super ShowDown event back in June, even winning a game of Yarn Chicken on the bind-off, but I didn’t get the ends woven in until this week.

The second shawl I finished was something I like to call the Hades Shawl: 1. Named after the colorway I used to make it, and 2. It is a crocheted skull covered in skulls. If you have figured out what the title of my post is referring to, the skulls part is quite pertinent as to why I chose “Shawls to the Wall” as my post title. (And if you don’t get the reference, don’t worry, I’ll explain at the end of my post.)

I had fun with this one, too!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Cakes in “Hades” / Hook: US size G (4.25 mm) / Pattern: Lost Souls Skull Shawl by Maryetta Roy (this is also a free pattern on Ravelry; it was originally written for worsted weight yarn and a size H hook, but I decided to go down a hook size for this yarn since its weight was closer to a DK…the size G hook is about the same diameter as my usual size US #7 knitting needles)

The only thing I’d do differently next time is crochet this one in a solid color, since the stripes get thinner the further along you go (as more yarn gets eaten up with each repeat), but other than that, I’d totally work this pattern again!

(I also have an idea to do a shawl in the Hufflepuff colors, since that’s my Hogwarts house on Pottermore, using the same pattern I used to make my Unicorn Shawl last year. It’s still in the early planning stages, though.)

My Neapolitan blanket is coming along nicely, I am now adding my first round of brown rectangles that will represent the “chocolate” in the color scheme. I have been chronicling this one a bit on my Instagram, as I tend to do with my works in progress (boy do I love the Stories function for this).

As for reading, I’ve managed to finish two books since my last post (War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut). I’m about 70-80% done with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, started The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, and I also got a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. (I’ve been posting about all of these over on my Instagram, which has also been great in connecting me to other readers as well as knitters and crocheters.)

Okay…now, the explanation of my post title. “Shawls to the Wall” is a pun on a song title by a heavy metal band from Germany 🇩🇪 called Accept, whose best known song is “Balls to the Wall”. Those who know me well know I’ve been a classic rock fan since my teenage years, and that has also grown over time to include hard rock and heavy metal. (And I’m not the only person in my family who likes listening to heavy metal: my dad has been known to listen to both heavy metal and old school country in equal doses.) I’m also of the belief that “Yarning is metal.” 🤘 Both knitting and crocheting. (In fact, one of the crocheters I follow on Instagram is a huge death metal fan and he enjoys crocheting to very loud, screaming music. Me, I prefer crafting to history videos and documentaries…we all have our preferences.) So, for all you crafters out there who thinking that your craft is metal, this song is for you.

You get your Shawls to the Wall, man…Shawls to the Wall!

Cold, But Snowless

Personally, my New Year’s Eve was uneventful, just me and a cup of coffee watching most of the coverage of Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special from Times Square (which I actually found more entertaining than the usual fare and fluff that you see on the broadcast networks because on CNN’s special, you can see otherwise strait laced journalists getting tipsy and Anderson Cooper getting candid, especially now that his longtime friend Andy Cohen has joined him). Such is life for a single woman in her thirties on New Year’s Eve.

The weather around here, though, has been quite eventful. For those of you outside of North America, here’s what’s been going on: a blast of cold air from the Arctic has dipped down quite further south than usual (I’m no meteorologist, but I believe this event is called a “polar vortex”), sending most of the eastern and Midwest of the United States into quite a chill compared to normal winter temperatures…including Florida. A lot of the more northern portions of the country are experiencing snowstorms and/or single-digit or teens temperatures in the daytime and subzero temperatures at night. And Florida? We welcomed 2018 yesterday with rain and temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit (quite unusual for Florida this time of year; I may have mentioned before that cold weather here usually comes with very dry air and very little precipitation). For two days before New Year’s Eve, we had cold air and clouds that hung so low in the sky that the broadcast towers within sight from my home had their tops obscured by the cloud cover. We managed to see some very clear blue skies with some cool temperatures in the 60s on New Year’s Eve, but all that was gone after sunrise on New Year’s Day. Over the next couple of days, another cold front will move in, bringing some precipitation with it, and our nighttime temperatures here will drop below freezing. But alas, it will still be snowless here. The air here will still be too warm to turn that rain into snow (or more precisely, snow flurries and a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and/or freezing rain). The best chance of any sort of snow reaching Florida this week will happen much closer to Jacksonville than it would near Orlando (and I live closer to Orlando than I do to Jacksonville). So, we will end up getting cold rain tomorrow. It’s still unusual here, but not unheard of. At least we will have our heater going during those freezing cold nights (we rarely run the heat setting on our air conditioner in the winter to save money on our energy bills, but we do run it on very cold nights because otherwise the room temperature would end up in the low 60s, way below comfortable).

Let’s see…I also finally have a finished project! I finished the actual crocheting on it a little over a week ago, but I finally wove in the ends this morning. I give you…my Unicorn Shawl!

Pattern: Virus by Julia Marquardt / Hook: Size H (5.0 mm) / Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala (2 cakes) / Colorway: Unicorn 🦄

I loved working on this one! The color changes, the lightness of the yarn, and the fact that once I got the pattern down, I was able to crochet this from memory! It was the first time I had ever worked a pattern solely from a chart, which was intimidating at first…but it kept things interesting!

(And I have to admit that the lighting was not bad, given how gray it is outside right now.

I have not gone to the bookstore I wanted to go to yet; the holidays tend to change around the hours a bit, but I’m planning on asking my dad to take me there possibly later this week.

I’ve been working on a Phrygian cap as of late, a simple knitting project that also fulfills some of my desires as a history geek (the cap was famously worn by French revolutionaries). I’ve been on a break from major knitting projects since finishing La vie en rose et violet in September, but I feel ready to start a new project. I’m thinking of making another patchwork blanket, but just a little bit more structured than the previous one. I’m envisioning a central square with rays of rectangles emanating from all four sides of that center square. Then, in each of the spaces created by the right angles of those rays, I want to fill the spaces in with freeform patchwork like in my previous afghan. I’m envisioning a green and brown color scheme, so it’s a little more man-friendly if I decide to sell it. It’s still in the concept stages!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope everybody enjoyed themselves, and I hope 2018 will be a good year for all of us!

Hooking Because I Want To

I may have mentioned it here before, but one of my favorite phrases that I associate with my own personal favorite blogger, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee/“Yarn Harlot”, is “Hooking because I have to” (which was even the title of a 2008 entry on her blog), which she has used to refer to her general dislike of and difficulties she encountered in crochet.  I’ve mentioned here before that many people in the yarn and needle arts community (and I like to call it a “community” because there truly are many people from all walks of life who, once they find this network of fellow fiber artists, really dive in and support each other) usually (but not always) specialize in one craft or the other, but not both.  But there are others (like me) who have proficient skills in both knitting and crochet.  Some people call this being “bi-craftual”, Gregory over at Mad Man Knitting has used the term “crochitter” to refer to them and to refer to the knitting and crochet community as a whole, although the term I prefer is “ambicraftuous”.

Although I primarily see myself as a knitter these days (and hence why my blog is called The Snowless Knitter rather than The Snowless Crafter), my relationship with crochet has lasted even longer than mine with knitting.  I first learned some of the basics of granny squares from my maternal grandmother when I was about 8 years old (but strangely enough, not how to start those squares).  She used a unique stitch in her squares (best described as a modified treble crochet stitch, and that is treble in U.S. terms, by the way), and I didn’t even learn traditional crochet stitches until I took it up again about 10 years later, after my grandmother had died.  By this time, the Internet was a much more widely available resource, and I was able to use it to teach myself the basics of flat crocheting: the foundation chain, the single crochet (double crochet in UK patterns), the half double crochet (half treble crochet in the UK), the double crochet (treble crochet in the UK), and the various renditions of the treble crochet. One of my first crochet projects that wasn’t a granny square was a simple striped scarf I worked in double crochet, complete with fringe. I also learned how to crochet roses 🌹 and hats and simple handbags. I actually still have that scarf today.

t was about a year after coming back to crochet was when I first started knitting, but that first year or so after I picked up knitting needles for the first time I still was primarily a crocheter, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to purl. I remember going to knitting group with my best friend and her mom at a local coffee shop (which has since moved from its former location to another location further down the same street). I crocheted a beret during that time. My dad's friend also paid me to crochet him a hat to keep his head warm in the winter after seeing my dad in a similar hat (that friend has since passed away). But once I finally got the hang of the purl stitch, crocheting fell by the wayside for the most part, save for a couple of doilies and a few half-assed attempts at scarves…but I felt much more of a creative release from knitting.

And then I came across that cake of Lion Brand Mandala recently. I don't know if it was because I didn't want to get smaller knitting needles for the lighter-gauge yarn, but for some reason, this yarn was just calling out, “Crochet hook!” And I decided upon an ergonomic hook to ease any cramping in my hand (which I had felt while crocheting that amigurumi ball I mentioned in While I Was Away (or, ErmahgerdFinished Objects!)). After a confusing attempt at one pattern, I frogged it and decided to have a go at Virus. So far, I’ve been quite enjoying it, and the Wonder Woman Wrap is on a short break while I’m working on this one, but it only has the Upper Border, binding off, and weaving in ends left to be done. I am in the second-to-last color in the cake thus far, but I feel like this shawl needs to bigger, so I will likely get one more cake in this color way and work it into a full-sized shawl.

It had been quite a while since I had gotten a real urge to pick up a crochet hook and make a full-size project, and so this project thus far has been a nice little break from the knitting I normally do. It hasn’t felt like a chore to me. And that’s because I’m in a project where I’m not hooking because I have to…I’m hooking because I want to.

Happy Halloween!

Today is my favorite day of the year, besides my birthday.  I’ve always loved dressing up in costumes and eating candy 🍭🍬🍭🍬…and just the entire atmosphere that comes with Halloween has always made it a fun day for me.  I think back on various Halloweens throughout the years, and I remember the times that my brother and I would go trick-or-treating (the year where I was a princess and he got to be Superman comes to mind), the times where I’ve handed out candy, and I even think back to the year that I went trick-or-treating with my best friend, me as a beatnik and her as Ash from the Evil Dead series (played by the legendary Bruce Campbell).

This year, I’ll get to see my niece in a Halloween costume for the first time (she was almost 5 months old at this time last year, and she and her parents did not stop by for us last year…but my SIL has promised us that she will be making a visit today).  I have no clue what costume she will be wearing, but I know it shall be adorable, whatever it is.  We have our candy for her (plenty of chocolate so she can get extra messy while eating it…my dad said that was his “…duty as a grandpa…”), and I am fully prepared to take pics of her in her costume for my own collection.

Knitting and crochet-wise, the Wonder Woman Wrap is going well, and I finished the second-to-last section this morning.  All I have left is the Upper Border, the bind-off, and the weaving in of ends (of which there are a lot).  I hope next time I will be able to share some pictures of a finished wrap.

I also have a crocheted shawl in progress.  I got a cake of Lion Brand Mandala (which is a light worsted, gradient self-striping acrylic yarn), and the colorway is called…Unicorn 🦄!  I got a size H ergonomic hook for it, which doesn’t dig into my hand as much as a standard one, and so far I like how it’s turning out.  The pattern I’m using is called “Virus” by Julia Marquardt, and is a free pattern.  It is the first time I’ve crocheted directly from a charted pattern, and once I was able to examine the chart piece by piece, I started to get the hang of the pattern.  After the setup rows, it’s a four row repeat, with one more section added to each side of the shawl in each repeat.  I figure I should have the rows memorized within the next couple of repeats.  Here are some pictures of this one, that I’m calling the “Unicorn Shawl” in my Ravelry projects.

A cake of Lion Brand Mandala…I’m already into the next color!

Yarn and shawl together.

It’s only just gotten into the next color in the cake, a brief run of purple before it goes into pink.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, if you choose to observe it, and please have as safe of a Halloween possible!  I hope to have pictures of a finished Wonder Woman Wrap next time I write.

Until later, everybody!

While I Was Away (Or, Ermahgerd…Finished Objects!)

In case the title didn’t give it away…La vie en rose et violet is finally complete!

I actually finished this baby on September 6th (and I know this because I wrote the date down in notes I was keeping for the blog in the event of a much longer hiatus).  She turned out to be a thing of beauty.  It took me almost 6 months to finish, but I love how it turned out.

Name: La vie en rose et violet / Pattern: My own, improvised pattern using the mitering technique / Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in various colors: shades of pink, purple, Black, and Soft White / Needles: US #9 29-inch circular needles (5.25 mm diameter, and that is not a typo as these were Boye needles, whose #9 needles are manufactured slightly smaller than the industry standard diameter of 5.5 mm for this particular needle size)

My “knitting void” that resulted lasted all of about an hour.  Then inspiration struck me.  I noticed there were a couple of mostly full skeins of some shades of purple left over, and I got the idea (💡) to begin a garterlac throw, one that you could sling over the back of a chair.  And so I started to cast on.

Here is my current WIP, Orchid (named after one of the shades of purple Red Heart has, or specifically “Light Orchid”, which is the lighter shade here, which I would normally call “lavender”; the darker shade is officially called “Lavender” by Red Heart).

You’ll notice I have two different colors of circular needles in that picture.  This is because I am actually using two different styles of garter stitch in this project.  With the exception of the base triangles, all of the dark tiers of blocks are being worked in purl garter stitch (almost every stitch in every row is purled, and the tiers are joined in this set of blocks with a purl 2 together; I use this stitch because I am starting on the wrong side of the work when I work each block, as picking up the stitches for each block results in a right side and a wrong side), and for some reason I tend to purl somewhat looser than I knit (I have very uneven-looking flat stockinette for the same reason, and I have to use two different-sized needles when I work flat stockinette, with the purl rows being worked with the smaller needle).  In order to compensate for this, I am actually working those darker tiers with a smaller needle (a US #7 circular needle, which the lighter-colored needle in the picture) to keep the fabric from looking too loose.  The lighter tiers of blocks are being worked in standard knit garter stitch (every stitch in every row is knit, and the tiers are joined with ssk decreases: slip, slip, knit), which uses my standard needle for afghans, my US #9 circular needle, which is the darker, green needle in the picture.  I was in the process of slipping the stitches from the smaller needle to the larger one to begin the next tier, and decided to take the picture while the slipping stitches process was at the halfway point so it’s not all bunched up.  I hope to be able to share much more of this project as I go.

Finally, I decided to dip my toes back into crochet a little bit, and thanks to a YouTube video, I did my first little experiment in amigurumi.  It’s nothing too complicated…just a little ball.

I had no fiber-fill, so I used old yarn ends to stuff it instead.  See?  I actually do crochet!  Actually, Red Heart and Lion Brand have both recently released gradient self-striping yarns, and I’m tempted to crochet a shawl with either one of them at some point.  I’ve also found a couple of patterns that I’m tempted to knit in the near future, the Wonder Woman Wrap (I finally watched the movie with Gal Godot and my current celebrity crush Chris Pine during the hiatus, and it was awesome…probably the best movie adaptation of a DC comic since The Dark Knight), and a cowl pattern I found through Tumblr called the Pine Sway Cowl, although I probably wouldn’t make it in green.  I think either black and gray or charcoal gray and a soft white may be a better combo for my tastes.  Both of those patterns are available for free, by the way (I obviously can’t afford Ravelry’s paid patterns, so I am always on the lookout for quality and well-designed free patterns).

So that’s what I was up to with the yarn while I was away.  Obviously, there is an elephant 🐘 in the blog here, Hurricane Irma.  Honestly, Irma deserves her own posts, and yes…I did say posts.  The Irma Saga will be a two-parter.

Hope you enjoy the pics, and have a great day!