Jambalaya, Set My Stomach on Fire…

Last week was…interesting.

So, last Tuesday I decided to make some homemade jambalaya, which ended up being pretty delicious. I used this recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch, if you’re interested. It wasn’t the making of it that caused problems…it was the eating of it.

You see, I ended up eating way too much of it in too short of a time period. I won’t tell you the exact amount I ate because I’m kind of embarrassed, but…let’s just say I had a lot of spicy stuff going through my stomach over a span of about six hours. Big mistake.

Cue me waking up around 6:30 the next morning with a terrible stomachache and a backache. I take some Tums for the stomachache and a hot shower to try and relieve the back pain. Doesn’t really work. My dad gets home from work around 8 am and I let him know what’s going on. He tries to get me to eat a little bread and it ends up making the stomach pain worse. In fact, the only things I was able to ingest last Wednesday without worsening stomach pain and a triggering of my gag reflex were applesauce and water. I try everything from more Tums and alternating between Advil and aspirin to relieve the pain, and…nothing. At this point, I am now feeling pain in my stomach, back, and approximately where my gallbladder is and I am worried about whether or not I’m gonna have to see a doctor, which gets me more worried because I have no health insurance. (My dad does, through his employer, but I’m too old to be on his policy.) At this point I am feeling miserable and anxious (and through all this my dad is sleeping).

I spent most of Wednesday lying in my bed, because lying down is the only position at this point where I can feel any sort of comfort. I had taken two more showers to try and relieve the pain…with not much improvement. At least I could sleep through the pain. I end up waking my dad up about 20 minutes earlier than usual (which has been 6:30 for the last few weeks because my dad’s employer moved everyone’s shifts up an hour earlier), mostly because I didn’t want to be by myself any longer. I make his coffee and lay back down for a little while longer.

By this point I had fashioned myself a “puke bucket”, a wastebasket lined with a garbage bag, because I’m now convinced I am feeling severely nauseous and I realize the only way that I’m gonna be feeling relief from this is by having stuff come up. My dad gets ready for work and leaves right around 7:30 pm. Not 10 minutes after he leaves, I can feel my gag reflex starting to kick in. I grab the bucket, hold it right in front of me, and within seconds the contents of my stomach are in the bucket. The pain is still there at this point, but I decide to call my dad (who was in his Jeep and can take hands-free phone calls) to quickly let him know what was going on, and he reminded me to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. I keep the call brief and told him I’d text him later in the night to let him know how I was doing. I ended up lying down in his bed (because his room has the window unit and I honestly felt like I needed the cool air). I wake up for a bit around 11:30 and I realize my stomach and back pain are finally starting to go away. I drink some more water and lie back down. I wake up again around 3:30 the next morning and the pain is pretty much gone by this point. I text my dad and then I go back to bed.

I decided to take it easy on my stomach for the next couple of days, because my stomach was still feeling a little sensitive. But I did tackle that jambalaya again a few days later…with restraint. I heated up one bowl of the stuff (and told myself I was going to stick to just one bowl) and ate it with gusto. Thankfully, I did not make myself sick again. I was victorious.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t get sick because the jambalaya was improperly cooked; I got sick because it was a perfect storm of spicy, greasy, and my overeating it. My dad ate some and was perfectly fine.

And I must mention that the title makes more sense if you sing it. My dad loves classic country music, and one of his favorite singers from that genre is the late, great Hank Williams. One of his best known songs is a song called “Jambalaya (On the Bayou)”. So, if you sing the title of this post to the tune of the chorus of this song, it makes sense.

It’s almost a week later, and I am feeling much better now. I hope to write again soon.

Randomly on a Monday: 11.26.2018

Wow, it’s been almost three weeks since my last post! Time does go by fast these days, doesn’t it?

I haven’t had a whole lot of anything meaningful to write a post of substance lately, but a whole bunch of little things, so I figured, why not another Randomly post?

So, here’s how I’ve been recently:

  • We had Thanksgiving last Thursday; in past years, we wouldn’t really do much of anything because the relatives that did come over to our house when I was younger have gradually died off. Most years around Thanksgiving my dad’s employer gives away turkeys to its employees, but I usually ended up saving the turkey for Christmas (they store real nicely in the freezer). My dad didn’t bring home a turkey this year, and it didn’t bother me one bit. Perhaps this Christmas I’ll cook up what my grandmother loved to make for Christmas: lasagna.
  • The beauty of having in-laws, though, is that this year we actually got to go somewhere for Thanksgiving: to my brother and sister-in-law’s house on the other end of town! It was a small gathering: in addition to our hosts, their little girl, and me and my parents, we were also joined by my mother and father-in-law, my other sister-in-law (the sister of my brother’s wife), and my nephew. I still haven’t really learned all their names yet, so mother and father-in-law will be MIL and FIL, while A’s sister and her son will be known as B&B. J smoked his Thanksgiving turkey on his charcoal grill, which took about 7 hours to cook, but it was one of the most delicious turkeys I have ever eaten. The white meat on it was quite juicy and not dry at all (which always can happen when you oven roast it like I normally do). He has previously cooked whole chickens in this manner and they come out quite tender with a real nice flavor imparted by the charcoal. MIL ended up doing most of the cooking, with all sorts of side dishes like mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, marshmallow yams (not really my favorite, so I skipped that one), stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and a honey ham that was heated up in an electric roaster.
  • I did do a little bonding with the sisters-in-law as well, we ended up getting into an interesting conversation over true crime shows and making fun of Lifetime movies.
  • A is about 6 months along in her pregnancy 🤰🏻 right now and seems to be doing well. She is showing, but not heavily (she was the same way when she was pregnant with R.A.).
  • Speaking of the baby (who I will be referring to as “The Bambina” until she’s born), I have plans to knit her a baby blanket, and I’m hoping to get the yarn for it as soon as tomorrow. (I plan on asking my dad to take me to the local Walmart Supercenter instead of the Neighborhood Market when I go to get groceries this week, and I should have enough money on hand to cover the cost of the yarn.) The design I have in mind for The Bambina is a checkerboard blanket in two different shades of pink, with a small border around the edges in a third shade of pink. I’ve already done some test knitting to figure out the size of the squares.
  • We are about to have our first major cold snap of the season this week, with a cold front connected to a winter storm working its way across the Northeastern United States due to pass through here within the next couple of days. We won’t get much in the way of precipitation, but temperatures here will plunge into the upper 30s and low 40s overnight and we’ll have a few days where the high will not break 65 (which is downright chilly 🥶 for our warm blood here). It will definitely be “sweater weather” here for the next few days.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me lately.

I close this post with the song that always comes to mind when I think of cold snaps, “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood.